Jody Tompros, LCSW, has been exploring and mastering the art of intuitive Painting with Judith Forst of Reston for almost a decade.  As a practicing psychotherapist for 25 years, Jody has helped thousands of clients transform and heal childhood trauma using a variety of intuitive energy and cognitive methods.  She has been practicing mindfulness meditation for the past 29 years.  Weaving all of these threads of her life together, Jody has birthed Mindfulness Painting Experience for Self-Expression.
Individual and Group Experiences are available Contact Jody Tompros at 571-276-4676
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Schedule of Classes

                                           Mindfulness Painting Experiencefor Self-Expression                                                                   Mindfulness Painting Experience is a form of self-expression using paint, paper and brushes that encourages within a safe and transformative environment.  In a moment to moment process, you awaken your creative process and connect to your energy source.                                                    No artistic experience required!  Experienced Artists are welcome!                                                                                              Location                                           What:  8 Mindfulness Experience Painting Classes                                                                 Location: Reston Community Center at Lake Anne Plaza                                                                       1609 Washington Plaza N., Reston VA 20190                                                        When: Starting Wednesday, April 4, 2018                                                                                  1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.                                                         Registration:  Contact Reston Community center at                                                                                      Second Location                                                        What:  8 Mindfulness Experience Painting Classes                                                                 Location: Herndon Community Center                                                                       814 Ferndale Ave, Herndon, VA 20170                                                        When: Starting Thursday, March 8, 2018                                                                                  1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.                                                                  Registration:  Contact www.herndon-va.gov                                  Facilitator
Mindfulness Painting Experience
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Creating Art from the Soul