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Questions and Answers

about Mindfulness Painting

What is Mindfulness Painting?

Mindfulness Painting Experience is a powerful, intuitive, spiritual practice. It is a creative practice of meditating with your brush in your hand. As you release your judgment and perfectionism, the practice allows you to open more to presence, spaciousness and self- compassion. Mindfulness Painting Excperience is an opportunity to discover and interact with your intuition and creativity by being mindful while using paint, paper and brushes. It has been described as: Painting as meditation Painting as a form of healing Painting as a method of journal-keeping Painting to quiet your inner critic Painting as a resource for living a full life Painting as a release from everyday stress and competition Painting to rest and renew your spirit Painting to feed your professional art process Painting to release yourself from creative blocks Painting to give yourself life Painting as a team building experience Most on this list is from Nancy Cassell, a painter and teacher of intuitive painting who lives in Kentucky. I like her list. I also think that these ideas are quite possible. I know that I experience Mindfulness Painting in most of these ways.  How do I know if I am accessing my intuition? Your intuition comes from all of your senses. It is subtle. It’s not as loud as the inner critic. You may hear a soft whisper in your ear or feel a sensation in your body. When you are painting, you may be drawn to a particular color and your energy level may rise. Everyone is different. The exciting part is the self-discovery. Can I come to class just to have fun? Yes! Mindfulness Painting Experience is all about having fun. You are encouraged to play, use color, allow yourself the freedom to create whatever shows up for you. What if I can’t draw? Mindfulness Painting Experience is not a technique about drawing. It is allowing your inner kindergartener to emerge and put the paint on the paper. What if I think I have no artistic ability? We all have an inner artist. Someone or something a long time ago may have judged or discouraged you from creating. This class can help you rediscover your inner artist. Will people judge my paintings? No. In class, we asked that no one comment on another’s painting. Even if you think that someone’s painting is beautiful. When we judge, we set up expectations. Expectations limit our ability to create outside of what we already know. I have writer’s block; will Mindfulness Painting Experience help me unblock? The process will help you dissolve what seems to be getting in the way of your creative process. Is this an art therapy class? No. Emotions will emerge but it is not an environment to discuss those feelings. It is an opportunity to use the paint on paper as a means of self-discovery and self-expression of whatever emotional content is emerging.
Mindfulness Painting Experience
Creating Art from the Soul