Helping Therapists & Coaches prevent burnout.

What is Mindfulness Painting?

If you are looking to get more deeply in touch with your intuition while also feeding your soul, Jody’s course is just what you are seeking. I’ve learned so much about myself in her @mindfulness painting course. Jody has a way of asking just the right questions and prompts, and blends kindness and curiosity to create a safe space to explore your inner world.” ~ Justine Ickes, Creative Culture Coach

Mindfulness Painting is an exploration in self-discovery.

It is an intentional and intuitive inquiry into your own unique creative process. This approach is focused on intuition, creative freedom, and the act of spontaneous expression. The experience is enlightening, invigorating, deeply moving, playful, fun, healing, and transformational.

No experience in art required.

The techniques taught are clues to help you connect to your intuition. You bring curiosity, self-awareness, and presence to the experience. The wisdom to paint comes from your intuition and the willingness to take a dive into the unknown.

I’ve been a seeker and I still am, but I stopped asking the books and the stars. I started listening to the teaching of my Soul.” ~ Rumi

Why Mindfulness Painting?

What was 2020 like for you? How is 2021?

Do you feel

Compassion Fatigue, Exhaustion, Cranky,

or Disconnected?

What Will You Achieve from Painting Mindfully?

Unleash clarity about your own needs

Reclaim yourself

Discover your authentic-self to find true passion

Trust in your intuition

Unfold the inner-landscape of your life’s journey

Connect to your creative source

Learn your creative signature

Explore unknown aspects of yourself

Deepen your empathic responses to clients

  Transform limiting attitudes and beliefs

Open to life’s challenges with imagination and courage

Heal trauma without having to use words, and more

Who Benefits

Benefits Healers, Therapists, Coaches, Mental Health Supporters in preventing burnout.