Jody Tompros, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Intuitive Artist & Coach

If you’ve seen these two movies, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Moon Struck,” you know a lot about me.

My passion has always been connecting with family, friends, and other interesting people to learn more about them and to listen to their stories. I was always curious about how families from different cultures than mine lived their daily lives and celebrated with different rituals. As I grew older, I became fascinated to learn how childhood experiences set the tone for one’s life journey.

After graduating with a Master’s Degree in Social work, I spent the next 25 years helping people who came from complicated backgrounds. I realized at the core of families complexity is the power of love and creativity.

In 2007, I found intuitive art as a great source of comfort and creative expression during a difficult time. My mom had died from lung cancer and I was struggling to parent my son who has been diagnosed with autism.

Painting intuitively saved my life in many ways. I started taking classes with a local Reston artist, Judith Forst. Painting allowed me to express the inexpressible. I found so much peace when painting. Very quickly, I became passionate about the process of painting intuitively. I wanted everyone to know how to paint from their soul so they could experience peace and release their trauma.

In 2016, I decided that I needed to visit my maternal grandparents’ ancestral birthplace in Partinico, Sicily. I was almost 66 and ready to create the next trimester of my life. While in Partinico, I toured the island visiting my Nonnie and Popou’s old stomping grounds and looking for clues to other family relics. I also spent time painting and meditating. During that time, when I asked Spirit, what was next on my horizon, I clearly heard the call to teach process/intuitive painting.

So here I am, please join me as we all explore our soul’s journey with the Mindfulness Painting Experience: Creating Art from the Soul.

Start of Painting
Still Working on it.