Making Connections

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Hello Friend,

Thank you for stopping by to read a snippet of the next Mindfulness Painting Newsletter scheduled for September 20, 2022. My goal in writing this blog is to weave creativity into the fabric of mental health issues. I’m learning and loving that there are no limits to creativity. Making connections to support our mental health is an invaluable tool. Knowing that when you connect with others you are also connecting with yourself and your spirit.

Finding My Way

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “if you have your health, you have everything.” For me, the key to everything is health and mental health. I’ve been very lucky with my health. But, my mental health took a lot of work. It took a lot of determination to make the right choices.

Habits to Change

I smoked cigarettes in my teens and early 20s. The thought of it now makes me gag. Did you ever smoke cigarettes? Cigarettes are a health hazard and an intimacy diffuser. Who wants to kiss someone with cigarette breath? Sorry friends who still smoke. My mom died of lung cancer. I’m still on my “no smoking” soapbox.

It was so hard to quit. Breaking an addiction is not for sissies. I remember having body sweats and eating M&M Peanuts by the handful. Gaining 15 pounds wasn’t all that encouraging either.

Adolescent Connections

I started smoking cigarettes to look cool. Then, I continued because it relaxed me or so I thought. I hung out with kids who smoked so we all did it together. It was a bonding experience. Isn’t finding your tribe or a way to fit in what adolescence is all about?

We all start out making choices and taking risks. At the time I didn’t think of them as mistakes. I learned early that my mistakes/decisions could define me in a negative way or I could do the work to change the negative impact. I was also blessed with a huge amount of Italian/Catholic guilt. I’m grateful for whatever it took to scare me straight.

Making the Changes

As I grew and changed, I repeatedly became a new version of myself. Along the way, I met so many encouraging people who were willing to mentor me. Each connection made a difference. How about you? Do your lovely connections help to support and navigate you on your journey?

Thank you so much for stopping by to read about creativity and mental health. Please come back again. I promise to provide more juicy information, story, and ways to creatively tackle issues of mental health that challenges all of us.

Creatively yours,

Jody Tompros, Intuitive Artist & LCSW

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