I’ve heard it called Mindfulness, Intuitive or Process Painting. Whatever the name, it provides an opportunity for people who are trained or untrained in the arts to explore creativity using paint. I’m among the untrained. The very best part for me is to know there is absolutely nothing at stake, no judgment. It’s been a wonderful experience for me. I’ve done this with different facilitators, and Jody is among the best. She exudes love and respect for her students and our processes.”  ~Mary Phelps

“Jody Tompros’ classes are life changing! She guides you into exploring your inner-self with gentleness. It is amazing what comes out on the paper.” Lina Watson

“Jody Tompros is a patient, diligent teacher/facilitator of Mindfulness Painting. She listens to all her students and mentors each with understanding and how they can  proceed with their work. Jody has successfully expanded  Mindfulness Painting to various populations in the community competently and creatively.” ~Lynn Lilienthal 

“Jody Tompros is a talented, intuitive, wise woman. I am so excited that she has finally brought together her skills as a successful psychotherapist of the past 25 years, her creative juice as an artist and her wonderful wisdom and knowledge for helping other delve into the invisible realm where creativity and manifestation meet. Her students will surely benefit deeply from this synthesis.”     Suzanne Scurlock-Durana, CST-D, Developer of
the Healing From the Core curriculum and author of Full Body Presence: Learning to Listen to Your Body’s Wisdom