If you are looking to get more deeply in touch with your intuition while also feeding your soul, Jody’s course is just what you are seeking. I’ve learned so much about myself in her @mindfulness painting course. Jody has a way of asking just the right questions and prompts, and blends kindness and curiosity to create a safe space to explore your inner world.” ~ Justine Ickes, Creative Culture Coach

“The sheer passion, joy and fluidity of how Jody leads these classes to help students feel free to explore the deeper wellsprings of their own creativity, authenticity and have fun expressing the natural poetry of their souls.” ~Jane L. Luce, The Art of Landscape

“Jody’s Mindfulness Painting Experience is one of a kind. She has created something unique that allows us to comfortably express ourselves in a variety of ways. My heart felt open and at peace as I was able to share what I was feeling through words, art and movement. I allowed myself to get lost in the act of painting and my emotions poured out on the page, without judgement. I would definitely recommend this therapeutic experience that left me feeling lighter and more joyful! Wishing you continued success!” ~Sara A.R.

“With Jody’s expertise and wisdom, I was able to tap into what needed to be expressed as I navigate one of the biggest transitions in my life. Jody is PURE magic! She has a gentle ability to create a safe space and guides you to connect on a deep soul level to what is needed for healing beyond words. The work she does is holy and sacred. As someone with deep experience supporting trauma survivors and in my own personal journey as a trauma survivor – her mindfulness painting experience should be a required component of any recovery plan. WIth deep bows and endless gratitude.” ~Corinne C., Empowerment Coach

“Jody’s mindfulness painting class for coaches and therapists was a rich experience full of surprises! I went into the first class with a lot of self-consciousness about painting and completed each class feeling lighter and more connected with myself. I thoroughly enjoyed the process of painting “intuitively” and thanks to Jody, I moved through some difficult emotions that showed up on the paper. Jody has a calm and inquisitive demeanor and is skilled at guiding clients through the beautiful process of mindfulness painting.”~Robin F, LCSW

“Mindfulness Painting is such a unique therapeutic experience. Jody is lovely and she sets the stage at the beginning of each session by providing guidance for painting followed by a moment of guided mindful meditation. With a clear head and heart you start painting by selecting the color you are drawn to. No big rules, no experience necessary, just a beautiful and safe space to create something from your heart. It is great to try as a therapeutic outlet, as a new tool for open creation, or if you are interested in mindfulness practices. I recommend it as an individual or with a group.” ~Amy Dagliano, Co-founder of Rowan Tree

Jody was both professional and a delight to work with. The experience was exactly as she described, like meditation with a paintbrush. She offered thorough instructions so we could arrive prepared, and an optional painting kit we could purchase that was beautifully packaged and complete with everything we needed. During the workshop, Jody’s naturally calming and inviting approach enabled us to easily put aside anything we brought with us and enter a state of mindfulness. When we got stuck or had a question, she thoughtfully engaged and helped us move forward. Participants shared that through their paintings, they were able to recognize their inner intuition and what it was trying to tell them, reminding us that the answers aren’t always in our heads. I was grateful to be able to bring her expertise and this profound and beautiful experience she offers to the group. ~ Janet Tamassia, Founder of Sage Sisters

At first, I was a bit nervous because I never paint but then I found myself playing with color and “loosening up”.  It was very liberating and relaxing, and I came away trusting my intuition more. ~Astrid C.

“Jody is a very experienced psychotherapist and mindfulness painting facilitator. She is a joy to be with no matter what you are doing with her” ~Maureen H. McCracken, CNS, Healing Touch Expert

“Jody brings together her clinical skills, her creativity and her years of mindfulness training and her sense of fun to her work.” ~Phyllis Jacobson-Kram, LCSW

I’ve heard it called Mindfulness, Intuitive or Process Painting. Whatever the name, it provides an opportunity for people who are trained or untrained in the arts to explore creativity using paint. I’m among the untrained. The very best part for me is to know there is absolutely nothing at stake, no judgment. It’s been a wonderful experience for me. I’ve done this with different facilitators, and Jody is among the best. She exudes love and respect for her students and our processes.”  ~Mary Phelps, Retired

“Mindfulness Painting is such a powerful tool for self-discovery and personal growth. Jody made me feel so safe so that I was able to let go and flow with the process and the feelings. I look forward to attending more classes.” ~Leni Nazare, Retired Nutritionist, and 1st Class Chef

“Jody Tompros’ classes are life-changing! She guides you into exploring your inner-self with gentleness. It is amazing what comes out on the paper.” Lina Watson, Spiritual Teacher

“Jody Tompros is a patient, diligent teacher/facilitator of Mindfulness Painting. She listens to all her students and mentors each with understanding and how they can proceed with their work. Jody has successfully expanded  Mindfulness Painting to various populations in the community competently and creatively.” ~Lynn Lilienthal, Community Activist


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