Why Mindfulness Painting Experience?

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Hello and Welcome to the Mindfulness Painting Experience

Most of my therapist and coach friends have been busier than they’ve ever been. A large percentage experience exhaustion, irritability, and are overwhelmed. As I reflected on this predicament, I remembered teaching Mindfulness Painting Experience classes at the Embry Rucker Homeless Shelter in Reston. I had the honor to facilitate people who were homeless into the depths of their experiences using paint and brushes.

As you may imagine, it doesn’t get much harder than being homeless or sick or being homeless and sick. Exhaustion, irritability and overwhelm are everyday realities. I wanted to find out what effect Mindfulness Painting might have, so I asked the participants to take a short questionnaire. They reported how they were feeling before they started painting and then after they painted for 90 minutes. Eighty-five percent of the participants reported that their mood improved after each class.

I am certain those better moods came from giving voice to those feelings using colorful paints, spending time in quiet, and accessing the creative source in a safe environment. Sometimes we don’t have words for the stress and exhaustion we feel. It’s an amazing experience to see someone come into the painting studio looking burnt out and lost and leave with a smile on their face and a little skip in their step. 

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Creatively yours,

Jody Tompros, Intuitive Artist & LCSW

Mindfulness Painting Experience: Creating Art from the Soul

Reston, VA



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