Hear Me! Hear Me!

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Dear Friend,


How was your week? I’ve had a tough couple of weeks because I’ve had a summer cold. You know the kind where you don’t think you’ll ever fall asleep because you can stop coughing. Ugh! Yes, that kind.

In spite of my cold, we had a great time Saturday night at the Original Open Mic Night in Herndon. It was hosted by the Elden Street Tea Shop & Mistress of Ceremonies, Empress Ladan at Leave it to Me. It was a fantastic night with musicians, singers, poets, and storytellers. It’s every Saturday from 5:30 – 7:30. Check it out at www.eldenstreettea.com.

Hear Me! Hear Me

I’m very excited to announce that coming in September, Mindfulness Painting Experience will be launching a new digital Mindfulness Painting course filled with videos on getting started with how-to-paint mindfully, interviews with other painters, pictures of other paintings, guidance on how to let go of your resistance, purchasing supplies, and painting space set-up. It is a digital four-week course with me giving you guidance every step of the way. The course will also include opportunities for individual facilitation.

Let me know if you are curious.

Creativity & Mental Health

I recently read this quote that a friend sent by Stephen Nachmanovich, Free Play: Improvisation in Life and Art.

“The literature on creativity is full of tales of breakthrough experiences. These moments come when you let go of some impediment or fear, and boom – in whooshes the muse. You feel clarity, power, and freedom as something unforeseeable jumps out of you.
But there is no ultimate breakthrough; what we find in the development of a creative life is an open-ended series of provisional breakthroughs. In this journey, there is no endpoint, because it is the journey into the soul.”

What do you think? YES!!!!!

Remember: Be Kind. Be Generous. Be Brave. Be Authentic.

Thanks for stopping by to read this Newsletter. I’ll be back next week.

Creatively yours,



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