Coming Attraction

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Dear Friend,

How are you? Have you gone on vacation yet? After a very nice vacation
break that I mentioned last week, I’m starting to see the Coming Attractions.

First, Thom and I plan to go to Sicily from late September to mid-October. Did
you know I have family in Sicily that I’ve never met in person? I am excited
beyond belief. When I went to Sicily in 2016, I combed the streets of my
grandparents’ villages Partinico and Montelepre looking and asking if I
might have family in the area. I was a bit disappointed when I couldn’t find

But guess what? I was only home for three or four days when I got a message
from my cousin, Rosalia. She also goes by Rita. Her great, great-grandmother was my maternal grandfather’s sister. Rita also speaks much better English than I speak Italian/Sicilian. I’ve been on Zoom talking to all of the family over the past several years. It’s going to be a very exciting trip.

Coming Attractions

I found this painting that I haven’t seen in a very long time. It came up on my feed today. I remember thinking that it reminded me of people sneaking a peek at what is to come next. So, I thought it was time to fill you in on one of the next steps in the next chapter of the Mindfulness Painting Experience.

In September, I’m launching a Digital Mindfulness Painting Experience
Course. My good friend Debbie Benton and I are partners in this journey. We might start to call it The Jobie Project (Lol). We are currently in the process of editing videos, a workbook, a journal with process questions, and more. Debbie is the technical brainchild. She
had videoed me talking about creativity and ideas on how to access your unique creative source. She has also videoed me explaining how to paint, what supplies you need, and how to set up your space. I want the experience to be just like I’m in the room with you. You will find the videos giving you step-by-step directions on what is next, all in the privacy of your own space.

I won’t be teaching classes this fall, but this online digital course will give you the tools you need to paint mindfully. I also have a friend and colleague, Sue Holyoke Johnston, MSW, LCSW, RYT will be offering classes in the fall. She is a creativity and meditation teacher, yoga instructor, SoulCollage® facilitator, and retired psychotherapist. Sue has an art studio on Lake Anne in Reston. You can email or leave a message for Sue at (703) 309-3077. 

Creativity and Mental Health
I hope your summer is filled with days at the beach or the pool, dinners outside with friends, delicious summer corn and tomatoes, and the treats that come with this season of the year.

These are the kind of activities that fill our soul. Don’t forget, relationships are a creative outlet that supports our mental health. So nurture the relationships you have with everyone and everything you encounter in your life. They will give you such yummy fruit!

Thanks so much for showing up to read my blog/newsletter.

Don’t forget: Be kind. Be Forgiving. Be Brave. Be Loving. Be Grateful. Be Generous.

Creatively yours,


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